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Vision & Mission

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Cranberry Village is committed to providing a fun and caring community for all their valued guests and vacation members, as well as staff team members. By delivering quality customer service in a comfortable, joyful and caring environment, we assure that our guests will have wonderful memories created at our resorts for the moments that matter.

Business as a Mission

Through our “fun and caring” business, we believe that a platform can be created to promote compassion and care, to inspire one another to live out meaningful lives, and with this spirit, to strive for excellence in serving our guests, staff, and the community.

How We Strive to Get There

Our leaders are committed to being “servant leaders”.  We believe that the care and support our staff receives from the company will spread to their attitude and service to guests. It is our hope that our staff members would see themselves “not only cutting stones, or simply earning wages, but helping to build a cathedral”. It is our hope that they would find fulfillment at work by being able to make a positive influence, and by being a contributing part of the company and community.

Caring for the Staff’s Well-being

To ensure the well-being of the staff at our Collingwood resorts, Cranberry Village has carried out a range of initiatives to meet its vision, including the provision of the following:

  • company’s chaplains to provide personal coaching for staff.
  • gender-based personal growth groups.
  • periodic wellness seminars for staff on such topics as parenting, healthy life style, and relationships building.
  • annual Amazing Race for team building and for getting to know the community better.
  • various staff social events like golfing for team building, bi-monthly anniversary luncheons and appreciation dinners for staff.
  • contingency funds for staff with unanticipated urgent needs.
  • company’s fund matching initiatives to support staff’s charity work in response to local needs or global disaster relief projects.


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Social Responsibility

Cranberry Village also considers it their responsibility to give back to the local and broader communities.  These include:

Offering corporate donations, sponsorships, and golf tournaments to support:

  • the local library, hospitals, schools, and churches
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • post-secondary institutions such as Georgian College and Tyndale University
  • supporting educational initiatives such as after-school projects, and a local history project for high-school students
  • participating in scholarship programs at Georgian College and Tyndale University
  • sponsoring annual Leadercast Conference to promote serving leadership
  • sponsoring local community events such as the famous annual Elvis Festival and Civic Leader Prayers Breakfast
  • partnering with local churches to offer Christmas dinners for families in need
  • dozens of our staff take pride to volunteer to serve supporting impoverished rural communities abroad – e.g., Cambodia, Myanmar, India, Kenya, Paraguay and China